Shamanic Services in Nova Scotia since 2009



We offer shamanic services, classes, and mini retreats in Blandford Nova Scotia, 45 minutes from Halifax and 30 minutes from Mahone Bay.


Shamanism is essentially the practice of animism, which forms a world view where everything is alive and has spirit. With this cosmology we become participants in the web of life and find belonging. We re-enter wholeness. In this respect, our actions effect and are affected by the entire Universe, seen and unseen. It is a practice of reciprocity where we learn the true value of giving and receiving with the web of life. Our actions and choices matter in every little thing we do.

As I have seen and experienced for almost 20 years, the practice of shamanism helps people gain control over their lives by establishing relationship with all beings, be they stars, plants, stones, animals, people, or gods and goddesses. Everything has life and everything we do to feed life is appreciated, in turn we feel supported and nurtured. We begin to understand that we are never truly alone and in partnership with Spirit, we can heal and begin to heal our family lines. This builds self esteem, health, and confidence. We can then use these innate powers to rebuild our own lives in ways that reflect our values of equality, partnership, and love for all beings. Imagine a world like that!

If you would like to learn more, come join a class or book a healing session.