Shamanic Healing, Flower Essences, Astrology, Life Coaching through Tarot



We offer shamanic services, training, and learning experiences in Blandford Nova Scotia, and online.

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Shamanism is essentially the practice of animism, which forms a world view where everything is alive and has spirit. With this cosmology we become participants in the web of life and find belonging. We re-enter wholeness. It is a practice of reciprocity where we learn the true value of giving and receiving within the web of life.

The practice of shamanism helps people gain control over their lives by establishing relationship with all beings, be they stars, plants, stones, animals, people, or gods and goddesses.

Wise Woman Shamans work with the divine beings of nature, ancestors, tutelary spirits, and power animals to create a network of support and healing where we can all feel safe to heal and transform. This reweaves us back into the web of life.

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